Document Management Solutions

Scan documents on your Konica Minolta bizhub, convert them to searchable PDF, deliver them directly to your desktop PC, add comments, combine files, edit documents, capture text AND do it all with one simple integrated solution!

Successful information management can elevate a company from start-up to success. So, it's important to make sure a company has the best resources and technology available to handle both their print and electronic documents.




AutoStore is a server-based application which orchestrates the capture and secure delivery of paper and electronic documents into business applications. It is well suited for organizations of any size that want to eliminate error prone manual document handling. Whether you're handling invoices, claims, applications or order forms, AutoStore can automate your document driven business processes so you can improve office efficiency, lower costs, and support compliance with laws and regulations.

AutoStore (PDF Download)


DocSystem allows you to manage critically important printer sharing between departments and avoid the costly mistake of sending large print jobs to the wrong printer. Other features include: Printer Pooling, Advanced Finishing, Document Routing, and Notification. File and Image processing lets you overcome challenges related to poor image quality, wrong file types, obsolete information, new information needed and more!

DocSystem  (PDF Download)

Nuance eCopy ScanStation

The Copier Scanning and OCR kiosk for convenient indexing, accessibility and strong security applications. In many organizations, critical requirements- for higher security, enhanced accessibility, faster data entry, or even compatibility with more diverse fleets of copiers - call for an enhanced way to deploy scanning and OCR solutions that start with scanning processes at shared scanners and copiers. That's where eCopy ScanStation comes in!

ScanStation  (PDF Download)


unityDesktop Professional

What happens to the documents you scan? Where do they go? What form do they take? How do they enter your workflow? With unityDesktop software, you'll have clear, simple answers to these questions - and your bizhub multifunction device will become an even more powerful tool for speeding information flow and increasing productivity.

unityDesktop (PDF Download)


eCopy PDF Pro Office

In today's fast-paced business environment, professionals don't want to waste time and money struggling with document format incompatibility or manually reproducing documents in alternate formats. After all, document inefficiencies have a significant impact on productivity and profits. eCopy PDF Pro Office is a powerful easy-to-use PDF solution that lets you create, convert, and collaborate like never before for dramatic productivity gains and cost savings. What's more, eCopy PDF Pro OFfice is available at one-third the price of products with comparable capabilities, so you get exceptional value without compromise.

ecopy PDF Pro Office (PDF Download)



PaperCut MF 

PaperCut MF is a simple, low cost software application that lets you take control and manage your
printers, copiers and multi-function devices. Eliminate waste, encourage responsible behavior and make users and departments accountable for their usage. PaperCut MF includes embedded software that runs on your copier/MFP to enable tracking, control and secure print release directly from the device's panel.

PaperCut MF  (PDF Download)




With your Konica Minolta bizhub, the true document management is closer and easier than you think DocRecord stores all you electronic files and content and makes them instantly accessible across your organization. In addition to storing all your electronic documents, DocRecord can also store e-mail, multimedia files, CAD-CAM drawings and more, displaying over 300 file types without having the native application installed on your workstation.

DocRecord (PDF Download)


Printshop Mail Suite

Transform generic documents into stronger marketing material with the power of personalization. In an ever changing environment, marketing professionals and business managers are always trying to find ways to capture new customers. The essence of personalization is making the most of the data you have on yoru customers to create highly personalized communications that will trigger their interest, increasing response rates and revenues. The right soltuion will allow you to maximize your campaign's ROI with a personalized approach, easilty and quickly

PrintShop Mail Suite (PDF Download)


DocForm easily changes expensive and boring into new and readable. Eliminate expensive pre-printed forms and outdated printing equipment..

Doc Form (PDF Download)